Saturday 13 February 2021

End of the Line for Wright Bridge & Tank

 The local fabrication shop, Wright Bridge & Tank is about to close down and be razed (removed) from the JSSX line in the near future.  I named it for my grandfather, Herbert Wright, who was a mechanical engineer at one of our local refineries.

It's a nice little industry, and coil steel cars, gondolas, and flatcars would be spotted here.  I have loads that I've made up of flat sheet steel, pipe, and wire that I would send in quite often. I recently needed to replace a right-hand switch elsewhere, so I took one from Wright's, reducing it down to a single track spur.

I've always liked this double length outdoor craneway.  The portion of the craneway under the roof was part of the original kit, and the 3 extra pairs of supports were a train show find a few years ago. I scratch-built the extended girder section.

So the reasons I think I'm going to remove this industry are twofold.  First, I've been thinking for a while that the architectural design/appearance of the building doesn't really "fit" well with the rest of the layout.  It's more suited to something in the 1930's or 1940's than the 2000 era

Second, the height of the building and the stack creates a bit of a problem with viewing and reaching the industry that's behind it in the corner.

So I think it's time to just remove Wright Bridge & Tank and put something else in it's place.  I'm trying out moving over this warehouse from it's present location along S.Industrial Blvd., but not sure I'm liking it very well.  Another thought is to turn the space into a simple open-air load transfer facility. I might run with that idea.

I'm trying out moving this warehouse over to the empty space created when the Wright Bridge and Tank building is removed.

I don't think I like this set-up very well.  Just doesn't look "(W)right".  See what I did there?

 And here's a quick look at a Chessie covered hopper that I weathered this week for Jamie Barron.

Lots of rust, some primer painted patches, and the old Capy number is painted over.


  1. Hi Jim,
    Just my opinion, but the warehouse fits where it is. Nicely frames the street trackage with that industrial "concrete canyon" look.
    On the former Wright site, an open transload area will allow a good view of what's behind, plus give you that universal spot for all kinds of freight. Perhaps a simple loading dock, or end ramp (made from an old flat car) ?
    Again, just my thoughts: it's your RR !
    Keep up sharing your great work...

  2. I'm thinking the same way as far as the warehouse location. It's better where it is. I don't think I'll move it. And I've got a ramp/dock about ready for use now. Thanks for chipping in here.