Saturday 20 February 2021

DT&I Waffle Boxcar

Here's a photo of a DT&I waffle sided boxcar that I've recently weathered.  Some masking tape, ProtoPaint Flat Haze, artists acrylics, and a degree of patience were used to do the weathering.

The side-story to this one however, is that I actually used to own this very boxcar, but I didn't want to weather it because I find that difficult to do because of the waffles.  So, I sold it.  The new owner, Jamie, crossed me up though and brought it back to me to weather.
I think this 60 foot high-cube car turned out real well, and now I kind of wish it was mine.

I've recently pulled this old GP9 from the storage cupboard and put it to work out on the layout. It was originally painted and lettered as a RailServe locomotive, so I simply blanked out that part of the logo with some black trim film and then added some weathering.

It also has the sound feature included, which I'm not really all that crazy about.
JSSX GP 9 in front of the engine maintenance building.

The other side of 7438 as it sits on the programming track.  One of the JSSX technicians (me) has been assigned to try to get the sound volume adjusted down.

Sort of hard to see very well in the picture below, but I kind of liked the graffiti work on this CNIS cylindrical covered hopper.  That's a red chile pepper smiling for us.


  1. I like that geep, Jim! I've also found that many modelers have the volume turned up waaay too high on their sound decoders. However, if it's done right it adds a lot to the hobby, in my opinion. I don't think I have anything programmed over 50% volume on my sound decoders...

  2. Thanks Dave. The GP9 fits right in with the way I want the shortline to look. The sound feature is really not my thing. I always find it to be noisy.