Saturday, 10 October 2020

More Brownville and Ashland Diesels at the JSSX

 Six or so weeks ago (has it been that long already?) I posted photos of 4 Brownville and Ashland Railway diesels belonging to Luc Sabourin.  Well, the maintenance contract with Luc's railroad has now been extended to include these 3 locomotives as well. JSSX maintenance crew (me) will again carry out light paint touch-ups to handrails, etc., and install plug-in decoders as well.

Here are a few photos of more of the Brownville & Ashland Railway power...

The three B&A locomotives have just arrived into the JSSX yard.

Widecab #501 is a really nicely done model. Note the quad-exhaust stacks, and the anti-slip strips on the top of the short hood are a very nice touch.

B&A #801 has had it's fans removed and been converted to a slug unit.  This is a really cool idea for Luc's railway.

And B&A 281 with one fan removed.  A bit of exhaust soot has begun to accumulate around the stacks.

 Visible further down the track in the first photo is my snoot-nosed LTEX SD40 number 3415. Sean Steele painted this one for me several years ago, going by photos I had seen at  A former Union Pacific engine, I was drawn to this one by the large amount of flat black covering such a wide area of the sides  Here's a bit closer look:
Just now noticing that the horn and brake wheel have gone missing, I'll have to go looking for those.  There's always something to do...


  1. Good lookin' power, and I was happy to help with the questions around that switcher from a few weeks ago!