Saturday 8 August 2020

Storage Trailer(s), Plus a CN Boxcar

With the GTW line in the background, here's that SceneMaster storage trailer from last week, now in place up against the fence at the scrap recycler.

The trailer has a bit of a lean to it, like maybe the ground is a bit higher on one side.

 Looking at it now, I think maybe I should have rusted the channel pieces at the top and bottom of the side door as those would probably be made of steel.


  1. Love the lean on the storage trailer but its way to clean! It looks like it should still be rolling down the road. Have you thought about moving the steps on the second trailer over to line up with only one door instead of in the middle? Most trailers like that I see the stairs to one side so the staff can just open one door and have the full width of the stairs to get in and out of the trailer. Just an observation.