Saturday, 11 January 2020

One of These Boxcars Was Not Like The Others...

One of these boxcars was not like the others, One of these boxcars was kind of the same...

I've given myself a break away from doing much actual work on the layout for the past few days, which provides kind of a nice change of pace.  I've got my next project for the layout in mind, but before I get started on that I want to catch up on some weathering projects that I've fallen behind on.

During the holidays, Brian Smith dropped by with an assortment of rail cars, asking me to do some weathering on them.  One particular car that grabbed my attention right away is this Greenville 60' high cube boxcar, lettered for the old DT&I.  These Exactrail models are really nice, and as you can see above, I've got two of them myself that see occasional time running around on the GTW line on my layout.

Brian's Greenville boxcar, fresh out of the box and waiting on the workbench.

I masked off a few areas of the boxcar, which when the car is finished, will hopefully give the impression of fresh paint patches. The green paint is faded with Concrete Gray, which seems to have become my go-to for fading.

Burnt Sienna acrylic simulates the rust running the length of the panel seams, while darker burnt umber highlights the spaces between the doors. I also used the burnt umber, with a tiny bit of black mixed in, on the upper and lower door tracks.  The panel seams closest to the doors are highlighted with thinned black acrylic.

With that part of the process completed, I then airbrushed the boxcar with a few light passes of thinned "Espresso" coloured craft paint on the upper and lower portions of the sides to simulate light rusting and road grime.  I sprayed some extra on just one door to add a subtle bit of interest.

Here is Brian's DT&I 25934 all finished up, sitting on the street trackage on South Industrial Boulevard.  Quite the transformation.

Looks like the JSSX's 815 might be going to pick up the DT&I car and drag it around to the yard from here.


  1. Very nice job. Your weathering always impresses me.

  2. Hello Ken. Thanks for looking in and for your very nice comment. Do you have a railroad too?

  3. Thanks Dave. God to hear from you.