Saturday 18 January 2020

Ground Throws, CP Cylindrical Hoppers

I've managed to break a couple of the normally reliable Caboose Industries ground throws recently, so I included a 5-pack of the smaller sized 5202S with an on-line order I placed recently.

Here's the link to the Caboose Industries product information page.

I never much cared for that shiny black of the delrin plastic that these things are made of as I think that it makes them stand out just too much.  I've tried painting them by hand before, with mixed results.  I had a couple that I put the paint on too thick and they locked up,  so I thought maybe I'd try airbrushing them this time.  

I airbrushed 4 of the 5 pieces, first spraying them with thinned "rust" brown, and then following that with a lighter coat of flat black. You can see the difference from the unpainted, shiny looking one on the left, below. I like the look of these 4 much more than the way they appear straight out of the package. Hopefully they'll work out well and blend in a little nicer along the JSSX.

And continuing on with my efforts to play catch up on quite a backlog of weathering projects, I worked on some covered hoppers for modeller Jamie Barron this week. Among them was this pair of CP cylindrical covered hoppers (Intermountain cars I believe).

Looks like some time after CP had painted over graffiti on the lower portions of these cars, the taggers were right back at them again.

And below I've attached a link to a YouTube video of City Limits Railway.  I think that the trains in the video run too fast for the urban setting that is depicted, but this layout looks really good, featuring modern era freight switching, weathering, and lots of details.

Have a good week, and I hope you can all find time to do some modeling.

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