Saturday 4 May 2019

Pictures From a Road Trip

We were away so I was unable to post last week. However I did have my camera with me. It's quite a hit and miss prospect to take photos of trains, or anything else for that matter, when driving on Interstate highways and such. Even from the passenger seat.  Anything of interest rolls up on you so quickly, that there's no time. And there always seems to be a guardrail or a truck or something in the way. We did make a few stops though, so here's a sampling of the bit of railroad type stuff that I did photograph...

Taken at a stop light on Hwy 31 in Birmingham, Alabama, this NS C40-9W was slowly leading a mixed freight train through a very busy highway construction project. Nice road grime weathering just above the front trucks.

The depot along the CSX line through DeFuniak Springs, in the Florida panhandle is fixed up really nicely, and also features an L&N caboose.  Unfortunately, the museum inside the depot was closed when we were there. I don't know if Amtrak runs through here.  The tracks on the right looked like they haven't been used in a while, but those on the left were very shiny from use.  We followed the line for a couple of miles in each direction from here, but didn't see any freight cars at all.

I'm a little disappointed that this car was parked in front of the DeFuniak Springs depot, as it takes away from the photo.
L&N caboose 3155 is very nicely displayed at DeFuniak Springs.

Travelling eastward along Hwy 98 in Florida, some 86 foot flatcars used for carrying steel pipe caught my eye.  We did manage to double-back so I could have a look at this switcher idling alongside a local roadway. Sorry for the fence obstructing the view. This is JRWX 87, with Port of Panama City nicely scripted on the hood.

Maybe an Alco S2?  The reporting marks and number were hidden on the sill below the cab.

As an afterthought, here's a link to the Google Maps view of the Port of Panama City.  I found the track layout to be interesting, and I liked the pipe company in the middle.  Also if you zoom in at Hannah Street (kind of over at the right-hand side) and go to "streetview", you will find this same engine parked in the same location as it was when I took my pictures of it.,+FL,+USA/@30.180541,-85.7280484,676m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x889381562ac66341:0xbf585ed52c4701f3!8m2!3d30.1588129!4d-85.6602058

I'll be able to get back to some modelling this week.  I might try out this product which I found in Hobby Lobby while we were away.  Not sure how useful it will be for rusting freight cars, but I'm hoping it will work well for steel siding or roofing.
I'll be looking forward to trying this out soon.

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