Saturday, 20 April 2019

Around Town and Around the JSSX

Peter Mumby and George Dutka - George writes the White River Division blog and Peter contributes to it often  - came by for a visit last week.  Always a pleasure to see these guys, they took a good look around the JSSX before heading out to do some train watching here in Sarnia.
Peter and George are doing their best to appear casual while GT SD38-2 6252 gets ready to switch out a few industries.
After their visit to the JSSX, I met Peter and George down at the Via Station. While there,  the local CSX transfer train passed by, with this tank car looking like it's seen better days.

Just a very few minutes after the CSX train went by us, this CN track test car #1501 came around the wye and waited until it was allowed to cross over the main track and proceed onto the Point Edward spur.
Here's the track test car again, this time crossing at Ferry Dock Hill in downtown Sarnia.

On Sunday, April 14 2019, train 397 is about to pass by the Sarnia station as it heads for the St.Clair Tunnel.  2098 is a C40-8W, and a former ATSF locomotive leading a somewhat unremarkable train, except there is one small detail on that GECX leaser engine that I though was noteworthy.
 Did you spot it?  There's a Seaboard System logo on the side of the cab nose.  Kind of an interesting detail on this C49-8 leaser locomotive.

Another engine that's been busy in the yard here in town for some time now, is this GP38-2 leaser from. GMTX.  I do like this shade of blue with the white, and notice the dark grime streaking down the sides at the door hinges.  A model of this locomotive would be a real nice leaser addition to the JSSX.  I could do without the web address on the sides though

A bit of a lull this week as far as actually working on the layout goes.  I thought I'd post a couple of random photos.

I wasn't satisfied with my weathering on the this former AnnArbor Railroad boxcar, but I really like the logo, which represents a car ferry in the fog.  The car has been sold to another modeller.

A view of the JSSX maintenance shop.  The yellow post with the letter "P" marks where the isolated DCC programming track begins.
Second-hand GP 38 JSSX 815 sits beside the engine shed and and waits for it's next assignment.  I got this one as an undecorated Atlas model.  I used Primer Grey, Weathered Black, and Grimy Black to paint the model.  Then the weathering was done with burnt sienna, burnt umber, and ivory black

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  1. It was a really nice visit Jim, your layout looks great and your rolling stock is over the top. Thanks for showing us around Sarnia's rail fan locations. Peter and I will surely use those again. I think we got lucky with our shots that day and in sun to boot...George