Saturday, 1 December 2018

The JSSX This Week 12/01

Hey, in spite of the Canada Post mail strike, my order of paints arrived from MegaHobby in New Jersey 8 days after I placed my order.  That seems like it would be about normal, so I don't think the strike had any effect on delivery time at all.

Among the items I ordered was a bottle each of AK Worn Effects fluid and MIG Heavy Chipping fluid.  I hope to be trying those out shortly.

On the layout, I got the re-painting of the concrete pillars and the bricks done on my industry building during the week.  I sprayed the pillars with the new Concrete Grey that I received, and the brick sections are thinned Craftsmart Grey, painted with a flat brush.  And the broken windows are installed too, so things are coming along well.

Here are some of the windows, broken out but still on the sprue, with the pile of broken white glue "glass" beside them.

Below is my re-painted building with those smashed and broken windows installed. There is a difference in the colour of the concrete columns between the original section on the right and the newer rebuilt part on the left.  I suppose I'll have top re-paint them on the original building, but maybe a downspout or ductwork or something like that would be enough to distract the eye from the colour difference.

I also cut some foam board to use for a base, the main roof, and a back wall. The base and back wall are painted flat black, which really helps the windows to stand out visually.

The ground level windows have been covered over with rusty steel siding, probably to try to keep those vandals out.  I still have to make a short side wall and roof for the upper area at the left-hand end of the structure, and I haven't put the loading doors in yet either.  I've got a couple of ideas for those, I just haven't figured out how to carry out those ideas yet.

Also through the week, when I wasn't busy breaking windows, I put together a set of 4 steel drums (Grandt Line), which I painted with Vallejo Rust Texture.  And then, while I had that paint out, I used it on some Caboose Industry ground throws.  Here's a before and after look at the drums and ground throws while they're still on the workbench.  I just couldn't stand that shiny black plastic on the layout any longer.

I'm not saying that the Rust Texture is the perfect answer for the ground throws, but it's a lot better than that original shiny plastic.  You have to watch how much paint you use on them though. If you put on too much paint, when it dries the ground throw might be seized up.
That about wraps it up for now.  Have a good week.

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