Saturday 29 December 2018

That X-Post Boxcar, a Derelict Business, and Krylon

First off, does anybody know what's happened to Krylon spray paint? I ran out of their Ultra Flat Camouflage Brown, which is what I use for weathering freight car trucks and wheels, and now I can't find any anywhere. I've been to Home Hardware, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, and none of those places have any in stock.

I've gotten a little further along with my SP X-Post boxcar project...the decaling on one side is pretty well completed now, with I think just one more little touch-up to finish that up.  And, I've got a real nice start on the decals for the 2nd side now.  I still have to put on the vertical posts in the middle of the car, but this is looking really good so's the one side, number SP 615222.

The thing that set this particular car apart for me when I first saw the photo was the 24 transverse reinforcing bars across the roof. I've used .020 x .030 styrene strips to mimic those. You can see them in the picture above the models.  I painted the darker areas in the middle of the bars with flat black on the model, but that looks just a bit too shiny for my liking, so I'll try to dull it down a little using weathered black instead. I got the roof colour pretty darn close though.

Back on December 18th, on George Dutka's White River Division blog, he showed a photo he had taken of a neglected area that had been modeled on a modular layout he had seen at Trainfest. Here's the link to Georges blog post.

I have had a very similar looking building - made by Design Preservation I'm pretty sure - just sitting unused underneath the JSSX for a while, and felt inspired to try to do something similar to the one in George's photo. I had already somewhat weathered the brick walls, so that made for a good start.

I used rusty steel siding to close in the ground level streetside windows and front door. The other windows and side doors have been all boarded up with plywood made from cardboard from a cereal box.  I painted some of the "plywood" with light gray and barn wood colour craft paints and then went over that with Vallejo's dark grey wash.

Now, I have to find a place on the JSSX to situate the building.  I'd like to find a suitable sign for the front and maybe the side of the building, perhaps as a closed down bar or restaurant business. With some graffiti and other signs of neglect it should fit right in on the JSSX.

Thanks for the inspiration George, and whoever the modeler was at Trainfest.


  1. Great job on the neglected building Jim...George Dutka

  2. Thank you George...I was thinking that I should use it to tryout your concept of drop-in scenery.


    1. That might be fun as you can do a few structures for the same location...George

  3. Not sure - Camouflage Brown is still on their web site.

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