Saturday, 3 November 2018

Storage Tanks, and an LSR MP15

Here's a picture I took on October 24/18 of a pair of storage tanks at the Imperial Oil site along Christina Street here in Sarnia. Imperial has been tearing down part of their operation this year. I went by there again on Thursday, and the tank on the left is gone. I suspect the other tank won't be far behind.

I like the fencing too.  Maybe some white plastic from a shopping bag and some scale lumber on some fencing around the tanks on the layout would give the look of this.

I put together this access stairway, which I rusted with Vallejo Rust Texture, up to the one tank. The stairs and ladder are Central Valley parts, but the white support and railing sections are scratched from a bit of Evergreen styrene.

I think my storage tanks were Rix kits. I took them outside to spray them with Rustoleum Flat White, which I followed with weathering with burnt sienna oil colours. Once that had dried for a couple of days, I added some Vallejo Rust wash. The stairs were primed and then painted with Vallejo Rust Texture. Here's the tanks set up on a concrete pad (foam board) on the workbench.

With piping added, and everything set in place on the layout. I'll have to figure out how to make some curved safety railing for the tops of the tanks, and make fencing to go around the area too.

Over in the 1:1 world, my neighbor Ian Cryer, sent me this nice photo that he took of Lake State Railway's MP15 #1502 as it switched the Dunn Paper plant in Port Huron, Mi.  To my eye, this blue and silver scheme with the white pin stripe is really sharp looking.  The white chevrons on the ends don't hurt the appearance of the locomotive either.  Thanks Ian!

Until this past summer, switching in Port Huron was done by GT/CN. My friend Luc Sabourin sent me these next two photos of LSR 1502, also in Port Huron, the week that LRS took over operations.  These were taken outside the Domtar Paper plant.  Thanks Luc!


  1. great model work. We met at the Woodstock show and I promised to get to your blog. Sorry it too me so long! I will have to go through it completely but I am very impressed to say the least. Your weathering and modelling skills are second to none. Do you post your work on any facebook pages? I bet many who freelance would love to see this! Cheers Steve

  2. Hi Steve - thanks for looking in and leaving a message. And I do remember you from Woodstock. I haven't posted on any facebook pages, but I hope you keep checking in here.

  3. What incredible work! Thanks for sharing! And you've given me an idea for naming for a freelanced railroad that will operate alongside my prototype Washington County RR (Vermont Rail): SXRR. It'd be a play on words for the town where I live, Essex. Do you have a track plan?