Saturday 17 November 2018

New/Old Tank Car, Scale Shed, and Weathered 2-Bays

With development of the new oil storage industry for the layout proceeding, I remembered this unassembled Walthers kit that had been waiting in my storage cabinet for years.  And by years, I mean it's been at least 20 years since I bought it. Anyway, I finally dug the kit out of the cabinet and spent part of an afternoon putting it together. It's really an LPG car, so maybe not correct for use here, but I don't have many tank cars, so I'll use it at least as a placeholder for the time being.

For the most part, the kit went together well enough, but the railings and stanchions around the loading hatch weren't easy.  The car came with plastic wheels, after all it is 20 years or more old, which I changed over to metal ones.  To simulate re-painted areas, I masked off a couple of places on the body of the tank and then gave whole thing a couple of light over-sprays with flat black. I should see about getting a set of the newer style DOT decals though for my tank car fleet to bring them up to a more present-day appearance.

Here's my "new" tank car spotted at the storage tanks, coincidentally along with another Walthers tank car of the same type and era. I would have liked this industry to have been able to take in up to 3 cars at a time, but the real estate available limits it to only 2 available car spots. Oh well.

Back on October 27th, a misty rainy day, "C Yard" here in Sarnia happened to be significantly less full than usual, which made available this rare look at these storage and scale sheds. They are located out in the middle of the yard, and I'd pretty well bet that it's been 10 years since the last time I saw them, as multiple tracks of tank cars and pellet hoppers are always blocking the view from the station platform.  A couple of simple structures like these would make for interesting additions to a layout's freight yard.

And I was asked to heavily weather a pair of 2-bay covered hoppers for cement service, so here's one before and then both of them after.

I know the one car is derailed, but I did that on purpose because they kept rolling away before I could get the picture snapped.


  1. Nice job with the tank car. I purchased some older Walthers tank car kits but they wouldn't go together at all. The parts had warped and the seems were obvious, requiring a lot of putty filling and then a repaint. Too much work!

  2. Thanks...I don't know how many times I must have looked at that box before I finally opened it to put the thing together. Maybe I was lucky nothing was bent or warped as yours were.

  3. Hi Jim:
    Was nice to see the tank car built. I have one that I got assembled but with broken pieces missing. Now I know what to add. I had thought the top walkway had a handrail the length of the car but seeing your model I see it did not...George