Saturday, 30 June 2018

Balmoral Bulldog

In Point Edward, Ontario, beneath the Bluewaster Bridges, there's an old drinking establishment called the Balmoral Tavern, know locally as "the Bal".  The place has been closed down for quite a few years now, which I think is really too bad even though I was only ever in the place a couple of times - yes, really. It was kind of one of those places that was part of the local fabric.

I used to pass by the back side of "the Bal" on my way to and from work. The rear wall is covered with a sports themed mural.  One day I stopped with my camera and took a picture of the mural. I had kind of an idea to put on the layout.

I printed that picture, with just the bulldog sized to cover the side wall of one of the commercial buildings on the JSSX.  My building is made up of 2 City Classic Iron Front building kits combined, with the lower section of one of them cut away and supported by concrete pillars and footing.  The JSSX passes through it on the way to the auto parts and printing plants. I should add that the City Classics building looks absolutely nothing like the Balmoral.

 I cut out just the bulldog from the picture, and glued it to the side wall of the building ( I used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive).  I did this quite a long time ago, and still have much more work to go on the rest of the building, but here's how it turned out so far:


  1. Great use of local artwork...never noticed the bulldog when in Point Edward...George

  2. Thanks George. Here's what you do: Get your French fries, or ice cream if you prefer, from Albert's on Michigan Road in "The Point", and then wander east down the street to the Bal and take a look around back.

    I have got to get around to polishing up my building a little more.