Saturday, 16 June 2018

Abandoned Warehouse on the JSSX

Back on April 25th, in my "As if I needed more projects..." post, I mentioned that four times I have built (well, kitbashed really) the Walther's REA Transfer Building.  I kept one for my layout, and sold the other 3 at train shows. They seemed very popular.  Here is a look at the the one that I've kept.

I've done a simple kitbash on this, using the back wall - which is identical to the front wall - to double the length of the building.  The rear wall is not visible from anywhere on the layout, so I just put a piece of black cardboard across the back to close it in. All of the windows and doors have been boarded up, and the building is modeled as having been closed down. India ink/alcohol mixture darkens down the brick colour and fills in the mortar lines. Some light airbrushing with grimy black ages the building as well.

I've located my building at the far end of the 3-track JSSX yard, with a single track curving left from the yard to cross the building's loading dock.  The JSSX finds this track to be a good spot for their work train to be stored, or occasionally 2 or 3 freight cars can be held there for a short time if the yard is overcrowded. The maintenance department has a stack of 39 foot rail sections and an equipment storage container located next to the track.

The GT main line runs behind the building. I do think I should add a few trees and bushes at the layout's edge to better set the scene of abandonment.

Although the windows have been boarded over, sometimes the nearby residents do manage to find a way to gain access.  It looks like they've torn some of the plywood off  a second story window.

The weeds have been making progress as they slowly take over the former truck lot at the front of the old warehouse.

Here, we see the short JSSX work train stored in front of the building. 

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