Saturday, 12 May 2018

SCLAIR Polyethylene Hoppers

On my way to pick up pizza for Friday night's supper, I intentionally left a few minutes early so I could make a trip past "C Yard" here in Sarnia.  I was glad I did, as when I got to the yard, there was one of the few remaining SCLAIR covered hoppers sitting out in the open. The plant that is home to these cars is just a15 minute or so drive from the yard Sarnia yard.

These colourful 3 bay cars used to be fairly commonly seen in the yard here, but now...well, not so much. Built by ACF, and originally lettered DOCX (for DuPont), the few that remain are now part of the Nova Chemicals railcar fleet, and as such have been patched and lettered NCLX. More pictures of these former DuPont cars can be found online for sure, but I was happy to take this one myself at the local yard.

Once back home a little later on, and after the pizza and taking the family pet (Scruffy) for his walk, I went downstairs to the JSSX.  Glad I did, because there, sitting out in the open was this car in a somewhat similar scene...

This is the Intermountain car (47020-10), but I also have a set of decals from Highball Graphics (F-164) that would at some point allow me to create two more of these pellet hoppers. Come to think of it, wouldn't a string of 3 look nice on the layout.


  1. Good looking hoppers! I'm a fan of a splash of color among a fleet of grey hoppers.

  2. Me too Matt! We get thousands of grey covered hoppers in the CN yard here. Thanks for looking in again and commenting.