Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Weathering Wednesday #10

Here we have an Athearn caboose, decorated as B&O C-3934.  This one is pretty fresh-off-the-bench, as I just finished 'er up on Monday.  It's owned by Brian Smith, and his only instruction to me was to weather the hell out of it, so...

You can also see photos of Brian's layout over at  A link to this terrific blog is in the side column at the right hand side of this page.

Actually, now that I get looking at these photos, I think that the window frames are a bit too clean and shiny.  I'll go back at them and dull them down a bit.


  1. Great job Jim...I am sure Brian will be happy. I also like how your concrete roadway has turned out the rails look great in it...George

  2. Thank you George for the compliment. I have quite a bit more to do on the street, just waiting to get another Peco switch.