Wednesday 3 January 2018

Weathering Wednesday #009

Today I only have just this one picture of these intermodal containers.  I know that the weathering is pretty light on these, in fact barely discernable for the most part, but not everything needs to be done with a heavy hand.  Sometime less can be a good thing.  Actually, almost every panel line is lightly highlighted with dark streaks of grime, plus the more noticeable exhaust soot at the front ends.


  1. Just the right amount of dirt. Acrylic wash or paint? I've got a whole box of them somewhere that will get that treatment someday.

  2. Thanks for looking in! These were done for someone else. I used Winsor & Newton water mixable oil colours (ivory black in this case) and a flat brush. A tiny - and I mean really tiny - dab of paint on the container, and then the brush barely dampened with Micro-Sol is drawn straight down from that tiny dab.