Friday 12 April 2024

Business Signs for the Metal Recycler

Made a couple of signs for the metal recycler on the GTW.  I have a couple of gondolas that I  lettered ZVBX, which is railroad speak for the Ferrous Processing and Trading Corporation.  I searched online for photos of that company name, and came up with this example of the company logo.

The company has locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario, which fits right in with my upper midwest industrial setting for my layout.

I saved the logo image as a file, and then opened it in my Corel Paint Shop program in order to size it to the 8 mm height that I thought would be suitable. The program then automatically figures out the corresponding width for the printout.

I printed 2 copies at 8 mm on our ink jet printer, one copy for each side of the sign. I then trimmed them both with an Xacto blade, and glued them to a piece of plain .010 styrene.  Attached a couple of styrene posts and a piece of scrap styrene for the top and bottom of the sign.  I brush painted all of the styrene parts with Vallejo Rust Texture, and then glued the posts to the back of fence at the recycler site on my GTW.

I repeated the process to make a 2nd sign for the other end of the recycler site, but for the 2nd one, I increased the height size to 10 mm.

Here's a couple of views of the new business signs, finished and installed:
This is the smaller of the two signs, placed at the right hand end of the metals recycler's site. Looks pretty good. 

And at the left hand end of the site is my 10 mm high print.

And we might as well have a look at the two ZVBX gondolas that I mentioned above.  I wasn't  quite able to figure out an angle to see the gondolas and business signs in the same photo, as the tracks don't really run close to the sign's locations.
ZVBX 97337 is loaded with non-ferrous metals, aka scrap aluminum

ZVBX 97324 loaded with the rusty ferrous scrap

Have a great week.

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