Friday, 26 May 2023

It's to be a Paper Recycler

I got the roof on the paper recycler building this week.  The roof is made up of two pieces of that foam board that they have at the local Michaels store.  I used the black stuff, and masked off a few area so that I could fade/change the colour just to break it up a bit. I used 2 part epoxy to attach the foam board to the plastic building.

Here's a photo taken outside with the roof now in place. It's outside because I was about to spray some clear lacquer on the MDF base.  The green tape on the wall and rails is in an effort to keep the lacquer off those areas in particular.

The last time I used MDF to mount a building like this, it warped when I used diluted white glue to set ballast and scenery in place.  I'm hoping maybe a coat of lacquer will prevent the moisture from being absorbed into the MDF.  We'll have to wait to see how this works out.

Back at the bench a fresh kit of rooftop details is waiting, a few of which I'll use on this building.

Walthers roof vent type details on the left, air exchange units on the right.

Four vents, and one air exchange unit, assembled, painted, and weathered.  I painted them all with Vallejo's Dull Aluminum, and then weathered them with the Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber artist paints.  That's a piece of makeup sponge in the foreground that I used to apply the two weathering colours.

So here is the whole industry module on the workbench as it is at the moment.  I already had a couple of those rooftop details in my parts bin, so I added them to the roof as well. The actual building itself is pretty much complete now.  I'm trying to decide whether to add door numbers to it or not. Maybe white numbers on a black background.

I'm hoping to be able to get some ballast and ground cover down on this in the coming week.  

And I'd like to have a name for the place too.  No prizes or anything being awarded, because I've got a couple of ideas for names for the business, but I'm willing to listen to suggestions. The idea was to have this place be a paper recycler so that I could spot different types and sizes of boxcars at it.  I've found online some photos of bales of recycled paper that I hope to be able to print and slip inside those two open doors.

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