Saturday 21 May 2022

Gulf Station and a Couple of Other Things

Well, I didn't get as far along on the Gulf Station this week as I had hoped.  I thought I'd be adding a few touches and then be able to get it installed into it's place on the layout.  I got most of my finishing touches done, but the model is not really installed on the layout.

But it's hockey playoffs time, plus the Jays baseball games.  Those are my reasons. Or excuses.

What I did get done was to cut up and scatter a bunch of paper litter around the building and site, as well as a couple of old boards.  Then I cut out a bunch of graffiti decals and put them on the building as well.  A bit of the graffiti is hand scribbled by me.

I had mentioned last time that I'd like to change out the plywood covering the window on the right, but with the graffiti added now I kind of like it, so I'm going to leave it.

Here's a few newer photos to have a look at.  Keep in mind that the (former) Gulf station is just sitting loosely on it's designated spot and still need to be blended in.

If I was driving down the street and saw this, it might be just enough for me to check that the car doors are locked.

Now, in this 3/4 view, I think that the left hand end of the building needs just a touch more grime in the white portion where the graffiti is.  Just enough to help everything blend together a little bit more.

I think I'd better try to hide that small gap between the model's base and the styrene base I made with a little bit of sand/gravel. And I'm thinking about if there should be chain link fence around the perimeter of the lot now too.

Switching gears now, I thought this photo taken in early April, at Sarnia turned out well. I've cropped it down quite a bit to eliminate part of a vehicle and someone's camera tripod that was in the foreground.

I looked it up, and GP38 #4708 will be turning 50 this November.  Here, it's working at Sarnia's C-Yard in March 2022 with the even older GP9RM 7025, built in 1958.

Shipping season is well underway now of course.  Here is the unusual looking lake freighter John D Leitch seen downbound as it enters the St.Clair River this past Monday May 16th, 2022.  I think it is coming from Goderich, bound for Toronto with a load of salt.
At the right-hand side of the picture, running about 10 minutes behind the Leitch, the Saginaw can be seen as well.

We waited the extra 10 minutes so I could get this picture of Saginaw.


  1. Hi Jimmer. This is a very nice build. I would like to offer a couple of observations as constructive comments not criticisms. I like the story of the garage fire and the hole in the roof but you left out the roof joists that would have been there to support the roof decking. The support beam should have been lower to carry the joists. Also typically the plywood covering the windows is placed on the outside to stop vandals from smashing out the glass (this would be an insurance company request). Again these are thoughts for any future builds by you our your followers

  2. Hi Ken. Things to consider for sure. I would have liked to have used small steel trusses, but didn't have anything like that available. I don't know if I can get the roof off to add in joists. If I did though, would they be steel or wooden?

    1. I would use 3 x 12 wooden joist that have been charred and blackened by the fire and maybe one or two burnt through over the fire itself.

  3. Good work on the gas station! Do you think you could drop in joists operation game style if you can't get the roof off?

  4. Hi Jim
    You did a wonderful job with your station model. The graffiti really adds to the final diorama scene. George

  5. Sean - yes, I think I could do that, but that would put the joists on the bottom side of the beam, whereas they would need to be placed on the top side of the roof beam. Thanks for commenting though. Jim.

  6. Hi George. Thanks very much. Jim.