Saturday 20 March 2021

Weathered Tank Car

 I bought some (Atlas) tank cars recently, with the intention that the JSSX would be able to spot them into the transload spur.  Two of them are stencilled to carry corn syrup. The 17360 gallon tank car below however is labelled for chlorine service, and I didn't really know of a reason that chlorine would be used at any of the other industries along the layout.  I'd just as soon have it coupled up with either of the other two cars at least occasionally at the transload spur, so I've decided to remove that chlorine stencil.

This tank car has (or had) the Chlorine label above the saddle at the right-hand end.

The chlorine stencil is low enough on this car that I used the quick and dirty solution of simply covering it over with a small piece of black trim film. With a little further weathering, you'd never know it was there unless you specifically looked for it.
I sprayed the whole car with flat black to tone down the shine, and the trim film has blended in very nicely as a result. The wheels and trucks are also painted and have had weathering powders applied to them.

I wanted to try to show that some of the paint has weathered away along the top of the tank car.  To begin I sprayed a very light coat of quite thin light grey paint in those areas.  Following that, a bit of light brown is sprayed over top of the grey.  The brown would not really be visible if sprayed directly over the black, so that's why I applied the grey colour first.

I still had a bit of the flat black in a mixing cup, so I gave a quick spray of that around the edges of the brown areas just to blend everything in a bit better.
The overhead view of how the black paint appears to have weathered and worn over time.

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