Saturday 12 December 2020

A Soo Line Colormark Car

 Have you ever seen one of those white Soo Line boxcars?  The kind with the large black herald lettering and the bright red door? The ones that always seem to be rusted and blistered beyond belief. Well, about five or six years ago, I bought myself a Fox Valley Models Soo Line boxcar at the train show in Ancaster, Ontario with the intention of weathering it and of course using it on the layout.

 And then I tucked it away out of sight...on purpose. The idea of weathering the white paint became intimidating to me. Then, earlier this year, Jamie Barron brought the same car (different number) for me to weather.  And I procrastinated doing the weathering on it too.  Well, the wait is finally over for these two.

Here's the "before" picture of my boxcar...These Fox Valley boxcars are super sharp looking straight out of the box, although I think that the stirrup steps seem a little large.  I like where it says "A Soo Line Colormark Car" to the right of the door.  It was apparently some kind of coding system for the car's use.

So, here's Jamie's after it's become weather-beaten...

And the other side as well. I sure hope he likes it.

This next one is mine...the same one from the picture at the top of this post.

And the other side as well...
I practiced a little bit of weather-beaten graffiti on it also.

And here are the two boxcars together in the JSSX yard...
As I said to Luc a few days ago, I think a string of several of these would look real sharp in a train.  I think I'll start looking for a few more for myself.


  1. Looks pretty good to me, Jim!

  2. Love the varied fading on the doors. Great work Jim!

    1. Thank you Mike. A couple of quick/light sprays from the airbrush with very thinned white craft paint. I'd seen fading like that in a prototype photo or two of SOO Line cars.


  3. Thanks Dave. Appereciated.


  4. Marvelous weathering subjects, and quite a nice job you did with them. That 'old rust' looks right.