Saturday 8 February 2020

Half a Dozen Rail Cars That I Don't Have Anymore

Straightening out some pictures files this week, I came across a number of photos of freight cars that I had weathered quite some time ago.  There were quite a few that had been sold off for one reason or another.  Some that I'd forgotten about, some that I wish I'd kept. 

Here's a selection of cars that I don't have anymore.

I weathered this Landmark covered hopper a few years ago.  It turned out quite well, but I really didn't have a use for it on the JSSX at the time, so I sold it off at a train show.  I still wouldn't really have a destination for it anywhere on the railway, but I do like it and kind of wish I'd kept it anyway.

This GT autorack from Walthers is one of my earlier efforts in weathering.  I masked off each of the panels and rusted them individually with my airbrush, and then hand-brushed on the rust streaks afterward.  This one had no real purpose on the layout, so I sold it at a train show.

I had allowed the weathering get a little out of hand on this one.  Things went well enough with the herald and reporting mark patches, but I didn't fade the blue down very well and the rust is painted on too thick.  This one just didn't turn out right.

Another covered hopper here, I have no destination for a grain hopper to go to on the JSSX.  I did like the way this one turned out though. It was a bit of a challenge for me to streak the white down from the lettering as I hadn't done that before.  The white is maybe just a bit too heavy beneath the numbers.

I had trouble patching over the herald on the left end of this boxcar.  I used light blue decal trim film to do so, and it just would not settle down properly, leaving a bunch of wrinkles.  Part of my learning process, I went too heavy with the airbrush for my own liking on this one, applying a bit too much of the grimy black as I tried to mute the colours down.  I do like the way that the door turned out however.

EDIT: I first wrote that Peter Mumby had bought this caboose (below) right back from me after I had weathered it. Apparently I was wrong about that, and I've since edited my description.

I've found white cars quite difficult to weather, but I bought this Soo caboose at a train show in Woodstock (Ontario) from Peter Mumby of Peters Trains. After I weathered it, it was sold to Brian Smith.  I like the windows that have been plated over, and I thought the rust and streaking turned out very well.


  1. Nice post Jim. A great look back at what one had. I guess we can't keep it all...I have recently thinned out my own collection of rolling stock kit, rolling stock and structures at a local show. I may someday wish I had some of it back but the bright side is there now is more room for new stuff...George Dutka

  2. Thanks George. There's plenty of different reasons that they can't all be keepers. And, most often someone else is very happy to have them, which is very nice.


    1. That is very true Jim. I have been enjoying the few rolling stock models I have acquired from you over the years...George

  3. Very nice work Jim. Cheers.