Saturday 12 January 2019

The JSSX This Week, 01/12/19

I did a little more work on and around the small building that I showed here 2 weeks ago.  I happened to have the same old Wabash 24 foot trailer as had been shown in George's WRD blog of December 18th, 2018 ,so I figured if it worked for that modeler, why not me? My trailer is missing the landing gear, so the front of it is resting on a couple of rusty old steel drums.

I ran a silver Sharpie around the edges of the rear doors and hinges, and used red and white Sharpies to colour the tail light lenses. A little black grime is streaking down the trailer sides and roof, and a few old boards and stuff have been cast underneath.

As for the building itself, I thought I'd identify it as a closed down bar or something like that, which should fit right in with the "neighborhood". Of course the place should have a name. One of my nicknames, "Jimbo" came to mind, so I googled "Jimbos signs photos" and a bunch of them popped right up on the screen. I chose a couple of signs that I liked, straightened and cropped them in Paintshop, and printed them out.

A little careful trimming with an Xacto knife and some Super77 adhesive later and my signs are done and attached to the exterior of the bar. I did the same with the Parking and Miller High Life sign. I used that one to cover over the Pepsi decal that I had put on the side wall years ago.  I'm not really a Pepsi drinker anyway.

With 813 switching in the background, here's the view of the rear of the building, which is what is most easily seen on the layout.

The side and front views of Jimbos. Owing to the location and judgement of the owner (me), this business was unfortunately destined to fail.  Since Jimbo's has been closed down, the JSSX crews working along South Industrial Ave. have had to bring their own lunches to work more often.

And out there in the 1:1 world last Saturday, I saw GECX leaser locomotive #9130 about to be turned around at the Sarnia wye.  I don't remember ever seeing number boards with the railroad reporting marks and locomotive number on them before, so that was kind of interesting. 


  1. You did a great job with your building...really like the signs...George

  2. Thanks George. I'm figuring out that adding a few little details makes a difference.