Wednesday 25 April 2018

As if I needed more projects...

The Woodstock Model Railroad Show was this past Sunday, in Woodstock, Ontario, and I was looking forward to it for weeks.  It's my favourite show, as there's always lots to see and find and friends to run into there as well.

I had a few small things in mind that I would have liked to have found, but mostly struck out on those.  The one thing that I did find that I was looking for was a 50 foot flat car to put into a short work train, so I was quite happy to pick that up.

My other purchases included 4 Athearn blue-box freight cars: 2 of them are 86 foot boxcars, plus a 50 foot boxcar, and a 3 bay covered hopper. I also found a Walthers REA Transfer Building at a real good price.  I've built 4 of those before, keeping one for myself and selling the others off.  If you take your time assembling it, I find that this kit always goes together particularly nicely and people really seem to like them and want them when they're finished.

So that's 6 more projects to add to the list. I'll post more on these projects as they cross the finish line.


  1. I had my eye on those 86 footers as well. Glad to see someone picked them up.

    1. Hi Mike - Yes, I was quite happy to have found these. The fellow that was selling them had more, but I forced myself to only buy 2 of them. What impressed me most was that they were basically brand new, having never been assembled.